Post Surgical Bra - Post Surgery Bra for Breast Augmentation

The RxBra is the most comfortable post surgery bra ever designed.

“I highly recommend the RxBra for post op recovery!”
Jenny Eden – Eden Knows Implants


Our team of board certified plastic surgeons worked hand in hand with the industries best lingerie designers to create the most comfortable post op bra ever made.


The RxBra is designed to help breast health immediately after surgery and for years to come. Our customers love the RxBra so much, many use it as their everyday bra.

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straps are convertible from standard to racerback

RxBra’s Holistic Healing Benefits:

  • Patent pending InfraCycle technology
  • Super comfortable design
  • Adjustable straps
  • Spherical compression
  • Stretchy, supportive comfort
  • Encapsulation for each breast (no uni-boob!)
  • Back support for posture
  • Plastic surgeon recommended
  • Far-Infrared can reduce stretch marks
  • Can reduce appearance of scarring
rxbra features for comfort and stability

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The RxBra is the most advanced post surgical bra ever designed for all breast surgery patients

Our customers find that the RxBra is not just for post surgery

Maternity Bra

We recently discovered the benefits of far-infrared on lactation, and have developed the RxBra Maternity Bra. It truly will be the last bra you will ever have to buy. With a seamless construction...

Nursing Bra

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Everyday Bra

Is your favorite part of the day taking off your bra? Well it doesn’t have to be! RxBra is proud to present the most comfortable, supportive and perfect fitting post surgical bra...

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