Post Surgical Bra - Post Surgery Bra for Breast Augmentation

The RxBra is the most advanced bra ever designed.

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Our team of board certified plastic surgeons worked hand in hand with the industries best lingerie designers to create the most comfortable post op bra ever made.

recovery bra adjustable and removable straps
far-infrared recovery bra RxBra


The RxBra is designed to help breast health immediately after surgery and for years to come.


Our patent pending far-infrared bra is clinically proven to boost blood flow, increase oxygen levels, and help deliver more vital nutrients to healing tissue.
rxbra physician and lingerie expert designed
doctor approved post surgical bra


We supply plastic surgeons nationwide with the RxBra. Each one of their patients is sent home with the RxBra to help insure the best breast health and healing.

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The RxBra is the most important post surgical recovery items you will need after your breast augmentation, (breast lift / breast reduction), mastectomy, or breast cancer surgery. After years of research and development and several prototypes, our team has perfected the RxBra and its’ patent pending InfraCycle fabric.

The RxBra is specially designed for a comfortable fit while offering a much sexier design than any other post surgery bra. 

The RxBra offers uncompromising support without uncomfortable underwires, and it molds to your body making it invisible under tight clothing. The detachable, adjustable, and convertible straps allow you to fully customize the bra to your own perfect fit. Our unique teardrop cross back offers even more comfort and support needed for the healing process. The RxBra also integrates a seamless design with moisture wicking and odor killing technology. The RxBra is made for women who have just had surgery, and can be worn for years after the surgery for unmatched comfort.

straps are convertible from standard to racerback

The RxBra is the most advanced post surgical bra ever designed for all breast surgery patients

The Perfect Maternity Bra

We recently discovered the benefits of far-infrared on lactation, and have developed the RxBra Maternity Bra. It truly will be the last bra you will ever have to buy. With a seamless construction, this extremely comfortable maternity bra takes you all the way through pregnancy (improves circulation to reduce stretch marks and fits ever-changing sizes). Ideal for nursing with detachable straps, both normal and racerback configuration for posture support, and seamless construction aids in ultimate comfort.

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