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Size S/M: 32-36 B-E
Size L/XL: 38-42 C-H
Size XXL: 40-44 C-F

Is your favorite part of the day taking off your bra? Well it doesn’t have to be! RxBra is proud to present the most comfortable, supportive and perfect fitting post surgical bra. The RxBra is specially designed to offer ultimate comfort, while offering a much sexier design than any other post surgery bra. The RxBra is the cosmetic and reconstructive industries most advanced compression bra. It is the only postoperative medical bra developed exclusively for and by plastic surgeons with expert lingerie designers.

Getting a breast augmentation or reduction is an important decision, but it’s also a big deal. You want to look and feel your best after surgery, but you don’t want to spend all of your time worrying about how you’ll heal.

The truth is that most women who have had this procedure will admit that they were either not aware of the importance of proper support during recovery, or they didn’t realize there was anything out there besides the typical sports bra.

The RxBra has been clinically proven to help improve healing while still being sexy and comfortable! Our medically-engineered Far Infrared Yarn is scientifically designed for post operative breast surgeries by increasing blood circulation (pictured below) and oxygen flow which aids in faster healing times without compromising style.
We’ve taken our unique technology one step further with our patented shape memory fibers that contour around each individual breast providing ultimate comfort while maintaining optimal support throughout the entire day even under tight cloths!

(29 customer reviews)

Why is the RxBra the best post surgery bra? Well, the proof is in the pudding… Most women throw away their post-surgical bras after a few weeks. Our customers make the RxBra their new everyday bra, and that’s why more than half of our customers reorder! Our customers tell us this bra is the most comfortable bra they’ve ever worn.

RxBra uses clinically proven, cutting-edge technology to aid in the support necessary to enhance healing while still being sexy. The only bra ever made from Far-Infrared yarn which aids in healing and improved breast health by increasing blood circulation. The special yarn and bra styling is specifically designed for all post-operative breast augmentation, reconstructive, and reduction surgeries.

What makes us different: Front closure with super soft backing. Completely seamless. Extra-wide unhooking and adjustable straps. Convertible design from racerback to vertical straps. Nylon/Spandex with Far-Infrared yarn. The RxBra uses a proprietary blend of Far-Infrared yarn and smart textile technology.

Washing Instructions: The first time you wash the RxBra, wash it by itself, cold on gentle cycle, and hang dry. Each RxBra comes with a bra washing mesh bag to keep your bra from snagging on other garments in the washer.

The RxBra is the first step in the healing process following a breast surgery….

Weight.2 lbs
Bra Size



Black, Sand

29 reviews for RxBra

  1. Nicole (verified owner)

    Great product and AMAZING customer service! This post-op bra is very comfortable,, attractive, and perfect for use as a sleep bra later. The detachable straps are also great for customizing to your own perfect fit. VERY happy with my purchase!!

  2. Susan (verified owner)

    I rarely write reviews, but felt compelled because this bra has been a godsend. I’ve had 6 breast surgeries since my cancer diagnosis and have tried (what it seems) to be every bra out there.

    I have finally found one that does not excessively smash the implants against my ribcage, yet still provides compression where it’s needed. It has straps that cross in back, taking the pressure (i.e., pain) off my shoulders, and comes down far enough that it doesn’t dig under the breasts. I’ve found it equally comfortable for day and night use. Highly recommend!

  3. Erin (verified owner)

    This is the most comfortable bra I own. It is just the right about of support, not too much and not to little. From the wide band that goes underneath my chest, the adjustable straps, to the soft material that the bra is made of, it is a total win. I am a medical professional so I work long shifts and still today, 3 months after my surgery, it is the only bra I will wear to work and honestly it is my favorite everyday bra as well!

  4. Heather (verified owner)

    This bra is awesome. I’m 8 weeks post op and have tried so many bras that were uncomfortable this one is just the opposite and super comfortable. Has a great band width to provide that support we all need and the front closure works well to. I find the adjustable straps helpful to give me the right support / lift. Would buy again for sure just wish I had found it sooner when I had to wear something 24/7.

  5. R.S. (verified owner)

    This bra is awesome! I had a mastectomy recently, reconstruction in process, and was in desperate need of a front closure bra with good support for my remaining 40D breast, The first 10 different stretchy bras I tried were terrible — no support, saggy, not enough coverage, etc. Then I tried the RxBra, size L/XL… BLISS! Lots of support but not snug, good coverage, front closure, COMFORTABLE, and a nice 3 inch band underneath. My highest recommendation.

  6. Ann Rohren (verified owner)

    Amazing product and excellent customer service. Very impressed with this company. They made sure I had my bra in time since I was traveling to have my surgery in another state. This bra is so comfortable and supportive. It has held up nicely after washing and is also pretty. Highly recommend this company and so impressed they are so quick to answer questions when you contact them. That does not happen often anymore. I plan to buy another one!

  7. Barbara (verified owner)

    I recently had a reconstruction.
    I was recommended by my surgeon to RXBRA. I called the phone number and spoke to the owner, Steve. He was so informative and kind in helping me purchase the right size and color for getting a first time bra post surgically. I am now buying and second back-up bra for during the healing process. I cannot say enough about how comfortable this bra is. I shall purchase more and wear this bra regularly. In addition, my back feels so much support for the first time in years.
    Thank you RXBRA. Thank you Steve !!! It was a pleasure talking with you.

  8. Khadijah Grimes (verified owner)

    This bra fits so well I am post op about a month. I am able to lift heavy and feel like my back and breast are supported well. You need this bra especially if you’re going to be using it as a post op bra.

  9. Nora (verified owner)

    Love this bra! Got it for after surgery since a friend recommended it and it’s perfect! Feels like I’m wearing nothing but is also really supportive.

  10. Bella Caraballo (verified owner)

    This bra saved my life literally. My post-surgical bra was so unflattering in what seemed like everything so I went online and tried this bra and wow! So comfy & so cute. So happy.

  11. Brooke Rezendes (verified owner)

    I bought RxBra for post breast augmentation surgery! Easy to use, great material, supportive. Excited to use it even after recovery!

  12. Sarah Barker (verified owner)

    RX bras are so soft and comfortable. I bought 2 after my breast reduction and plan to wear them for awhile.

  13. Marty (verified owner)

    I bought this bra for my wife as a post surgery bra. She also picked up 3 bras of another brand on Amazon. Thus far the RxBra is her favorite and most comfortable bra post surgery. Also, it looks great in my opinion and sexy.

  14. Mary Ann Schmelz (verified owner)

    This fits perfect and is comfortable. I have not had breast surgery yet so we will see how it works post surgery. Think it’s going to be exactly what I need.

  15. Christina Catlett (verified owner)

    I received my bra quickly and really love it. I needed a bra that would not tighten around my bra line and was not an underwire but would provide support. The bra is comfortable and looks good too!

  16. Jessica (verified owner)

    Very comfortable post breast augmentation bra. I would highly recommend this bra!

  17. Rohit Jaiswal (verified owner)

    Excellent post op bra that I use for my breast augmentation, lift + augmentation, or breast revision patients. Many have said this is the most comfortable bra they’ve ever worn. When delivering a luxury product like cosmetic surgery, the whole package is important so having the RxBra makes us stand out as a luxury brand.

  18. Wendy Terino Hatchie (verified owner)

    Most comfortable bra for after surgery and the eyelets up the front make it even better and keeps the bra closed nicely

  19. Nikki (verified owner)

    Very comfortable and easy to take on and off.

  20. Wendy (verified owner)

    Love how comfortable these are and how they clip up the front

  21. Maria (verified owner)

    The bras was all that was described, comfortable and supper supportive. Wil definitely buy another!

  22. Maria Hamadama (verified owner)

    I purchased the bra after a surgical procedure. I was amazed at how quickly I felt the difference in support without the discomfort I expected. I will definitely purchase another!

  23. Amanda (verified owner)

    After having breast cancer, going through a double mastectomy, and reconstruction, I thought what kind of bra would be comfortable and fit? I thought after looking at many, I decided on these. They are perfect!! They stretch where they are supposed to, and don’t rub on any sensitive areas. I definitely will be wearing this bra daily!!!

  24. Alyce (verified owner)

    This bra is a game changer, way more comfortable than the post op bra the dr sent me home with! Bought 3 so far!

  25. Andrita Andreas (verified owner)

    Wonderfully comfortable. Wish I found these earlier. Definitely my most comfortable post surgical bra!

  26. Laura Witmer (verified owner)

    OMG, just took my first shower since surgery and put on my RxBra. SO much more comfortable than what they sent me home in! I’m ordering another one – or two. The coverage through the back is really nice. I like the wide band which keeps it from creeping up and interfering with my sutures.

  27. John (verified owner)

    Bought this for my daughter post breast Aug surgery. She says it’s the most comfortable thing and will purchasing another!

  28. Neera (verified owner)

    I thought this bra was very good for 4-5 weeks after surgery. I tried it about a week after my surgery. I didn’t feel like it had enough compression or coverage as the brand of bra my surgeon put on me. However 4 weeks post-op, I was tired of the compression but my im not ready to go back to my underwire bras. These bras are perfect. They’re soft on the incision line & cover my lymph node biopsy incision. I’m very happy I missed the return window. I would recommend getting 2. The bras are worth the price

  29. Stacey (verified owner)

    My first time purchasing, I bought 2. These are extremely comfortable and feels way better on your back compared to the compression bra you are sent home with. Once I switched over my back pain went away and it’s really soft material with nice support just where you need it. I was able to sleep better in this and move around much better. It does almost feel like you’re wearing nothing and it’s very soft like stretchy nylons and the band is very supportive. You can adjust the straps anytime throughout the day I lower mine and at night I snug it up a bit more. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who is looking for comfort after surgery and it is also very sexy looking.

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