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Your Comfort is Our Mission

Every woman likes to feel beautiful without sacrificing comfort. Whether you’re considering breast augmentation or have had multiple operations, the information out there can be overwhelming. At RxBra, we aim to provide the best of both worlds. Superior quality and sleek design help you look and feel your very best during breast augmentation recovery.

Our Team

Lingerie expert Rachael McCrary founded RxBra with one idea in mind: Why can’t post-surgical wear be comfortable and sexy? Rachael has more than two decades of industry experience and has worked for several top fashion brands in New York before settling in Los Angeles. RxBra is a small startup in Southern California created to shake up the post-surgical garment market. Rachael fit the bra with a plastic surgeon and together they created RxBra.

Our History

The concept was simple yet revolutionary. Before RxBra, the post-surgical garment market was saturated with unattractive and uncomfortable compression bras. Patients don’t want to feel like they’re wearing a granny bra or a bullet-proof vest. Other brands merely focused on the medical aspect of the design, but they weren’t listening to the patients.

Doctors aren’t lingerie experts, but their input can be valuable when it comes to the complexities of aftercare. That’s why our lingerie specialist and founder consulted medical experts during the design process to create a comfortable, practical, and sexy post-op compression bra patients would love. We saw a demand for beautiful, comfortable healing garments and answered the call. Our team listened to patients’ needs and concerns then set out to create an extraordinary product adored by women and doctors alike.

Our Bras

Our bras are made from far infrared infused fabrics, designed to promote increased blood flow and oxygen levels in cell tissues. Infrared is a vasodilator; promoting improved circulation, enhanced cell vitality, and regulated body temperature. This process promotes faster healing by allowing more oxygen to enter the wounds. You can rest assured that our bras are created with the best technology available.

Additionally, they’re front-fastening and feature front-adjustable straps, which make them a great option if your arm movements are limited after surgery. Though post-op patients make up the vast majority of our wearers, people who suffer from posture problems or back pain during light to moderate workouts can also benefit from RxBra.

Finally, the bra was designed with durability in mind. The mineral blend is loaded directly into the fiber so the healing effects won’t diminish from wear or machine washing. Our proprietary combination of fabrics and smart textile technology make up a bra that can stand the test of time.

surgery bra

photo credit: Oleg Ivanov

Our Goal

We strive to be more than just a bra company. Our products are designed by a woman for women. We believe that comfort and confidence are vital elements in the healing process. Breast augmentation surgery is an important decision that requires careful consideration and support from your doctor.

Generally, there are three types of bras that breast augmentation patients will need: the bras worn before surgery, post-op or recovery compression bras, and the ones you’ll choose after your implants have fully healed. Currently, RxBra produces recovery bras. The design lifts and compresses, leading to satisfyingly sexy results.

We aim to take the stress and confusion out of post-surgical bra shopping. We continue to innovate our bras to suit your needs. By creating an open dialogue with our customers in the patient community and medical field, we hope to foster positive transformation results.


Of course, don’t just take our word for it. Our satisfied customers can vouch for the quality and comfort of RxBra. We’ve received rave reviews from Google, Amazon, Eden Knows Implants, and RealSelf.

“The RxBra…is one of my favorites because it’s comfy and feels super secure.”—Eden

Nicole says, “Great product and AMAZING customer service! This post-op bra is very comfortable, attractive and perfect for use as a sleep bra later. The velcro straps are also great for customizing to your own perfect fit. VERY happy with my purchase!!”

“It does not irritate my incisions which was the main problem I had with other post surgical bras,” says Tishay

“I had breast augmentation (under the muscle and a lift) i ordered the bra and I absolutely love it!!! Feels soft against the skin. And keeps everything in place…best surgical bra ever!” Teeta Naji.

“This bra is awesome. I’m 8 weeks post op and have tried so many bras that were uncomfortable this one is just the opposite and super comfortable. Has a great band width to provide that l support we all need and the front closure works well,” says H. Frankpitt.

Erin Cullop says, “I heard about the RX bra through “Eden knows”. I found this site extremely helpful so after trying out and deciding my post surgery bra Was not going to cut it, I decided to order from RX. I am so pleased that I did!”

Thank You

RxBra was designed with your needs in mind. Your continued support allows us to create exciting new lingerie for women like you. We’re excited to announce our new blog. Our team is pleased to begin an open conversation and listen to your feedback. We want to be with you every step of the way on your healing journey

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